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Lyrics : Dilipkumar Category:2012 films Category:Indian films Category:2010s Malayalam-language filmsQ: How to implement identity map to map objects from "X" to "Y" classes I'm trying to implement a "Identity Map" function to compare two objects and determine if they are the same or not. I've looked at the implementation of identity map on Wikipedia and my application is very similar. My implementation below is currently throwing an exception. I have copied the iterator code from Wikipedia as well. Is there anything I'm doing wrong in my implementation? static class IdMap { private final Map myMap = new HashMap(); private final List myList = new ArrayList(); private A key; private B value; public void put(A a, B b) { myMap.put(a, b); myList.add(b); key = a; value = b; } public boolean contains(A a) { return myMap.containsKey(a); public A get(A a) { return myMap.get(a); public B get(B b) { return myList.get(b); public boolean containsKey(A a) { public boolean containsValue(B b) { return myList.contains(b); public int size() { return myList.size(); public void clear() { myMap.clear(); myList.clear();



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Download Chandni Chowk To China Full Movie Torrent wintan

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